Arthroscopic Surgery


Arthritis Treatment in Nashik

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that orthopaedic surgeons use to visualize and treat problems inside a joint.

During the procedure, your doctor will insert a tool called an arthroscope into your joint through several small cuts to see how much damage is in the joint. They can also repair many injuries during arthroscopy.

Arthroscopic surgery can diagnose and treat knee injuries, including:

    • torn anterior orย posterior cruciate ligaments
    • torn meniscus (the cartilage between the bones in the knee)
    • patella thatโ€™s out of position
    • pieces of torn cartilage that are loose in the joint
    • removal of aย Bakerโ€™s cyst
    • fractures in the knee bones
    • swollen synovium (the lining in the joint)
Arthritis treatment in Nashik