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Sport Injury Treatment In Nashik

Most often the last and final treatment option for sports injuries is surgery. The surgical option often follows a long period of treating an injury conservatively in an attempt to heal and regain function without the pain and recovery that come with surgery. Fortunately, new surgery techniques, a pain management protocol, and expert rehab therapists are making surgery a less painful option and a somewhat easier road to choose.

Arthroscopic surgeries, for example, provide a minimally invasive way to remove or repair damaged tissue without the long recovery associated with traditional surgical techniques.

Often, sports injuries require surgery to make a full recovery. ACL tears, shoulder labral tears, and meniscus tears all require surgery to reconstruct or repair tissues.ย 

Dr. Pritam Pawar provides the best Sports Injury Treatment in Nashik. Sprains, strains, fractures, and joint dislocations are common sports injuries. When an athlete’s ligaments are tugged or ripped in a joint, it results in a sprain (e.g., ankle). When there has been a break in the tissue surrounding the bones, fractures can result in anything from a small hairline crack to the complete breaking or fragmentation of the bones.

A sports injury treatment in Nashik has the expertise to examine patients and analyze both acute and chronic injuries. The following diagnostic techniques are retained but are not restricted by this.

Physical Exams: The physical examination may include obtaining details regarding how an injury happened, measuring the range of motion, and palpating the damaged area.

X-Rays: Depending on what the doctor believes to be the cause of your injuries, your doctor may order X-rays.

Advanced Imaging: It may be necessary to request diagnostic imaging studies to assess tissue damage. These consist of CT, MRI, and ultrasound scans.

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