Spine Surgery


Spine Specialist In Nashik

Many patients with spine problems can be treated non-surgically. Physical therapy, home exercises, medication, and often spinal injections are recommended before considering surgery. If the problem still isnโ€™t resolved, then surgery becomes a good option.

For instance, if a patient has significant neurogenic pain in the extremities and non-surgical management has not provided relief, surgical intervention is the best decision. For those with symptoms related to spinal cord or nerve root compression, such as significant weakness in an arm or leg, or limb, we may recommend surgical intervention if non-surgical management was unsuccessful.

If your pain is severe and keeps you from performing daily chores you can also speak with a spine specialist in Nashik. You should have sought medical advice right away.

  1. Fever and back pain are related
  2. Post-trauma back pain
  3. Impairment of bowel or bladder motionย 
  4. Lack of strength
  5. Unaccounted-for weight reduction accompanied by back discomfort

Additionally, take extra precautions if you have any conditions like cancer, an infection, or fractures that could affect your spine.

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